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Safety. Quality. Reliability.


Who We Are

Bighorn Construction and Reclamation is a family-owned professional construction company servicing a wide range of industries. The 400+ BCR employees are proud of our unwavering focus on safety, providing a quality product to our customers and an acute appreciation of our environment.





Bighorn Construction and Reclamation, LLC has the technical expertise, trained staff, and a fleet of specialized machinery to implement successful reclamation strategies in a variety of site conditions and climates. BCR has successfully reclaimed many types of soil conditions in various industries by utilizing proper soil preparation techniques and utilization of site specific soil amendments.  BCR is capable of development and implementing erosion control plans as well as preparation of any geographic comprehensive revegetation plans for any geographic region. 


Construction Management

BCR’s project teams are led by seasoned construction professionals; interacting with all stakeholders across the entire project development spectrum, from conceptual planning in the office to project turnover in the field. Our executive management team is comprised of industry professionals with 20-30+ plus years of leadership experience.



BCR understands the implications of our clients’ down-time and the importance of delivering dependable results within the schedule framework. We self-perform mechanical and I&E scope with skilled craft who deliver safe, dependable, on-time results that get our clients back into production mode.


Oil, Gas and Chemicals

Bighorn Construction and Reclamation is involved in every aspect of the project delivery process across the oil, gas, and chemicals value chain. In the upstream market, we have wide-ranging expertise, service offerings and project delivery capability for onshore oil and gas production facilities. In the downstream market, we have world-class front-end capabilities, working on new-builds, major expansions, and revamps.

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electrical & Instrumentation  

The BCR team of electrical professionals are intimately aware of the electrical and control issues that impact our clients the most as well as how to mitigate them.  They are familiar with and have a variety of  techniques that can be required to complete complex electrical activities, whether maintenance or construction, to ensure a project is completed within the available shutdown.  Whether local or remote, our electrical teams come prepared to install or resolve your problems.


Managing Bidding Process

BCR can lead the bidding process from RFP receipt to contract award. Our attention to detail during the bidding process provides our customers a distinct advantage over the competition. Our team has many years of experience in bidding projects both small and large. We work closely with our clients to make ensure every step is handled thoroughly and on time. 



BCR provides the highest efficiency contract mining solutions for enhanced yields and increased profits. We can easily and efficiently convert a company  mine over to a contract mine with minimal startup costs and delays.  BCR helps you manage your mining site from startup, through day-to-day supervision, environmental management, and final reclamation. BCR owns and operates two glacier stone quarries strategically located in Converse, WY with 1.5 million tons reserve capacity.


Petrochemical and Refining

BCR leadership is represented by professional project managers with decades of experience in the industry.

We are able to define scope and schedule, negotiate contract terms and mobilize the teams necessary to deliver safe, quality projects.


Oil & Gas Pipelines and facilities

We provide turnkey oil, water, and gas pipeline installation from ground breaking to reclamation. Our experienced pipeline teams have delivered miles of pipeline; regardless of material and size of pipe, terrain or geographic location. 



BCR began operations in 2012 capitalizing on the relationships that my brother Cord and I had built over the years to establish a robust client base that gave us the confidence to strike out on our own and hit the ground running.  We participated in some significant projects from our inception through 2015, growing our revenues year after year.   

In late 2016, we began to aggressively expand by adding key management personnel to assist in managing the divisions/services to grow the business and position it for when the industry experienced an uptick. We were aware that once we had a Master Services Agreement (“MSA”), that served as the gateway to provide multiple services to our clients. Since the industry was still experiencing a downturn, we were able to capitalize and position ourselves to participate in multiple bid lists as well as hire away key personnel, both from our competitors and provide positions for former employees of our clients, which helped grow BCR with those relationships.   

With the positioning we took in late 2016, it allowed us to capitalize throughout 2017, which resulted in almost tripling our revenues and securing larger projects with more respected companies. During this time, we began to add hard assets/equipment and expand to new basins with the opening of multiple locations. Our employee head count was approaching 200 and in late 2017, at one of our significant customers’ request, expanded to the Permian Basin. 

Continuing the momentum experienced in 2017, with the emergence of the commodity markets in 2018, we began to expand our sales team, reorganized our account management system and began targeting more long-term contracts/projects with higher growth potential. We are confident that we can replicate this type of growth year after year, as we believe we have taken the necessary steps to create and operate a successful, rapidly growing business. 

Cole Johnson & Cord Johnson