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BCR Houston's Day On The Farm

At the beginning of April, the BCR Houston Team was proud to offer our assistance to a local farm that rescues animals in need.
Alpaca sheering is hard work but essential to the health and well being of these stunning animals. The Houston sun causes these gentle creatures to overheat very quickly!
One of the farms owner recently had surgery and was unable to work with his lovely wife on sheering day; because of this our team was eager to help. The farms owners sacrifice so much of their time, energy, and resources to rescue animals in need. We wanted to show them how much we respect the effort they put into their animals.
So on sheering day, our crew showed up, food in hand for all of the volunteers and stayed 8 plus hours! After the alpacas had been sheered, received their vaccinations, and had their nails trimmed, it was time to clean up. Before leaving we ensured everything was cleaned and their was no trace of 17 people covered in mud ever being there.
As we prepared to leave, one of the most recent rescue dogs gave birth to 7 puppies. So, we may all be adding to our own families in about 6 weeks.
We believe in helping our fellow man and being there for folks in their time of need. This day was just a few hours of effort for us, but a massive hurdle that the farmers no longer had to worry about. Each of us was grateful for the opportunity to spend our Saturday helping others and will enjoy the memories and friendships formed for years to come.

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Jerry Price